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Buying a mattress online

Thanks everyone who gave me suggestions about their personal online mattress experiences.  Here is my review of my experience thus far.

Mattresses live about 8 years says most websites.  After that point it may be time to consider a new one if you are having pain or the mattress is worn or sinking in spots.  My mattress was bought around $1,000 in 2009 and used until 2017, however it was in storage for about 1.5 years.  I sold it for $100.  It was time for a new mattress and it was not going to make the move back across the country.

First stop was Macy’s, the department store.  I went to Macy’s because they have a dedicated showroom and dedicated staff on commission to show me their full line of products – hybrid mattresses, foam mattresses and traditional coil mattresses.  I sampled at least ten beds with the help of a very knowledge sales person.  I determined I do not like plush or pillow tops – they provide too much cushion for me.  I prefer firm with support.  Best practice: You should flip/rotate your bed every 6 months for even use.  The salesperson said his personal practice is to flip/rotate every 2 months.  All beds sold at Macy’s have a ten year warranty.  They must sink something like 2″-3″ to be considered defective. I found the more expensive the mattress = higher quality materials, support and comfort.  Most of the mattresses I tested, I said “it’s ok.”  But the salesperson said, when I tested, the “aireloom hybrid”, I had more of a “wow” response.  I’m not sure I would say wow, but I did like the hybrid the most – which is a combo of memory foam/latex on top with the traditional coil system.  This mattress was out of my price range and I wasn’t sold on the price.

I went to the online website: sleepopolis and they suggested a luxury mattress topper to create that hybrid effective and make a firm mattress less firm while adding to the memory foam feel.  There was a discount code for 20% too, so I bought their recommended topper for $60 and will try it out for a few weeks on my traditional firm mattress in Brooklyn to see if I like the hybrid feel.

Next, I went to the showroom for Tufts and Needle.  It is a foam bed, ships in a box.  I tested the bed and instantly felt it was too firm both on my back and side.  The salesperson suggested I go to Emeryville at West Elm to test their competitor, Casper.  Casper has 4 levels of foam and she said I might like it more.

I’m staying at my friend’s house next week and will try out her Casper bed for two nights.

Leesa – is the mattress, I am probably leading with – but their showroom is in New York, so I’ll have to wait a few weeks to go test it out.  Leesa – donates one mattress for every 10 sold and plants a tree for every mattress sold.  And, using the discount code from sleepopolis – you get a $100 coupon.  Most of the materials for the mattress are made in the U.S.  I’m inclined to lead with this mattress, because it is affordable, under $900 (Queen).  They also have a ridiculous not useful spokesperson, Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, on their website who is quoted as saying “awesome.”

Leesa, like Casper and Tufts+Needle, are all online foam mattress, which will ship to you in a box.  They all have more or less the same return policies for your money but if you do return it, it’s a lot of environmental waste.  They try to donate it locally – (I personally do not know of a single place you can donate a mattress to) but if they cannot donate, they will recycle it.  I recommend visiting the showroom before making your purchase – T+N is on King Street in San Francisco.  Casper in West Elm at Emeryville and Leesa in Soho, New York.