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Real Estate

I sold my bed.  If I was in denial about moving, it became real.  Not having a place to sleep sets everything in motion.  I have slept on my couch for a few days, but it has sold as well.  I sold everything that could be sold, mostly breaking even, selling the item for the amount I paid for it, more or less.  My belongings have been reduced to thirty boxes.  Thirty is more than I expected and I could have reduced my items even further if I had been more critical.  I wasn’t sure if I needed to pack “starter” items, so I packed them anyway – some plates, silverware, pots.  I have no knives and no linens.  Although one box of pillows and two sleeping bags.

I have not signed the lease yet, but I think I found a house that is good enough.  It does not meet all my requirements but I’m tired of searching for a new home and I can make do with it.  For a one bedroom duplex, 500 square feet home, in Durham, North Carolina, I will be paying less than my current situation, sharing a home with 3 other people in San Francisco.

Presidio Goldsworthy sculpture 

Someone from Craigslist stopped by the house to check out my TV for sale. He said he was using it as a monitor for his 3D work. I’ve never heard of someone using a 50″ LCD monitor before but he tested it out and said it had lag time which didn’t work for him. He was on his way out and I asked him if he needed anything else. I asked, how about these boxes, they hold file folders but they are very sturdy and you can use them for a wide variety of things. He said, he didn’t have cash. I said, you have a phone, do you have a paypal or venmo account? He said yes, I said how about $10? I recieved those two storage boxes from the Container Store for free and they retail new at $19 each. I happen to have used them as bedside shelves. If nursing school doesn’t work out, I can find my way back to sales.

This weekend, my friend Kris came to visit from Ohio. It was a lovely weekend of food, friendship and exploration. Photos: we visited 4 outdoor sculptures by Goldsworthy at the Presidio. The 4th piece was housed at the Presidio officer’s club which also hosted an exhibit on the Japanese internment. It was a very powerful gallery. I recommend visiting it and taking a look at the 120,000 names of those interned, etched in glass.

Avenue of the Giants

If it takes 50 cents for a 2 minute shower, + 25 cents = 3 minute shower and 4 quarters = 4 minute shower but it probably takes 20 seconds for the shower to warm up, how many quarters would you use? Also, if time runs out after 50 cents you must begin again, rather than adding 25 cents. The maximum limit is 3.00 minutes/$12.00.

I haven’t had to think about conservation of water in this way in some time but this Memorial Day weekend I am camping among the Redwoods. They are my favorite trees and I wanted to see them before I leave California.

We drove north of San Francisco, about 200+ miles along the Avenue of the Giants/Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the largest remaining stand of virgin redwoods in the world. Most of these coastal redwoods have not been ruined by logging.  It has been the only park I have visited where hammocks are prohibited.
Saturday, we visited Founders Grove, where lies the third largest tree in the park. The Dyerville Giant (375 ft. Fallen tree height, 52 ft. wide).

Sunday, we walked among the Rockefellar Loop (old growth) and Drury-Chaney trail (lots of ferns). Then drove north another 3+ hours continuing on 101 to the Redwood National and State Parks. “Redwood National and State Parks are designated as a World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve, is home of the world’s tallest trees. Redwood trees can exceed heights of 370 feet tall, standing taller than the Statue of Liberty.”
At this park we visited Lady Bird Johnson grove (which was filled with fog this afternoon, dedicated in 1968), we drove Newton B. Drury scenic parkway (10 miles), stopped at Klamath River overlook and camped at Mill Creek. Mill Creek isn’t my first choice campground as it was far but Elk Prarie Creek campground is on Gold Bluffs Beach without any cover and exposed.

Monday, we drove to Fern Canyon which required going down a dirt road for 8 miles, then driving over rocks and crossing what I called, “a big little river”. We hiked Fern Canyon to Friendship Ridge Trail (north) to West Ridge trail (northwest) to Coastal Trail (south) back to the parking lot. It was a 7 mile hike but felt more like 9 miles because it involved at least 12 stream crossings with logs or rocks, jumping over and crawling under 10+ downed trees, hiking through thick mud (the kind where your feet sink in), battling mosquitoes and general all around fun. It was like an amazing obstacle course that took 6ish hours with snacks and lunch stop. My friend Cheryl would just look at me when I would say things like, jump over the log, and put your feet here and don’t fall in.
We saw open prairie meadows, two waterfalls and seven different kinds of fern resembling a hanging garden, and redwoods. After our hike we ran our feet in the sand and dipped our feet in the cold Pacific Ocean at the Gold Bluffs beach picnic area. To top off the day we saw elk on the drive out at Elk Meadow. Now I am listening to the sound of rain hitting our tent, waiting for the morning to drive home. It’s been a good weekend, I will miss the fog, the Pacific Ocean and my favorite redwood trees.

In gratitude

Everything worked out for a reason and there was likely no reason to panic about nursing school but in retrospect it seemed very stressful during the application period. As I close this chapter of life, and I move on to the next, I have evolved to the next version of me, Liane 4.0 if you will.  There was 1. growing up in NYC, then college, 2. Corporate life at McGraw-Hill and publishing <NYC, Philadelphia>, 3. Semi-retirement, traveling the world and post semi-retirement <SF>, 4. Nursing school <North Carolina>. This will be my 5th cross country move. I am grateful for all of you who have been on these different journeys with me. I recognize it is never too late to keep growing, try something new and begin again.  
Photos: On Tuesday, friends at archery, the last photo is from 80 yards away. 

My friend, Don R.

I received an email from my friend, Don, (who said it was ok to share).  He is fighting a battle against cancer.  Don and I know each other from my former life in publishing, but we started to communicate more frequently when I began my life after publishing.  Don is one of my biggest supporters, always cheering me on from a far.

Don, I know you read my blog, so I want you to know, I am cheering for you, sending you strength and love to both you and June.  I am sending something in the mail soon, be on the look out in the upcoming weeks.

Below is a photo of us (Don, on the far right).  When I biked across the U.S. the first time, he drove 2+ hours from Cincinnati, Ohio, (also picking up another publishing friend, Carl L. along the way), to visit me as we biked through Kentucky.  Kentucky was the closest point to Ohio on our route.  Lisa B. (another publishing friend) was kind of enough to host us for dinner, shelter my team, and open her home to the team the next year. I vaguely remember she kicked out her kids for the night (they slept over at friends’ homes) so a few teammates and I could have a warm home and beds for the night.  I also remember Lisa, helped me with some mail (receiving and shipping) on my behalf.

In the photo, I am wearing a t-shirt from WCU (West Chester University) given to me from the bookstore manager from one of the schools I covered as a sales rep to remember them by, before I left for my bike trip.  This photo was a lovely summer night and it reminds me of the gratitude I have for everyone who has supported me and continues to support me through all my adventures.  Don, I hope you know how grateful I am for your support and friendship.  Your most recent Christmas card sat on my desk for these many months, until just recently when I sold the desk to prepare for my move to North Carolina.

The other photo is of Lisa B. who woke up early the next morning and cheered us on as we biked by her on route to our next destination.