How much is your stuff worth?

I am sincerely appreciative that I have no attachment to material things, however I am saddened by today’s phone call from the manager at my storage unit.  They called and said the air conditioner outside your unit leaked and water entered your unit.  I won’t be there to inspect the unit or contents, but I filed a claim to be reimbursed $2,000, because that is how much I insured.  I should have insured more, but at the time of signing my paperwork, you never think you really need insurance.  I won’t be back for a month to inspect the unit myself, but they will send pictures tomorrow and then I can see if it is a “flood” or just some “water damage” and determine if it was only the bottom boxes that were on the floor were damaged or all of them.

Fortunately I am resourceful and very organized.  I have scanned receipts for the majority of items in storage and I have a detailed spreadsheet of all the contents organized by box to file my claim.  In addition, all clothing items were packed in a trash bag, prior to putting it in the cardboard box when I shipped the items from San Francisco.  When I was packing, I was concerned the items might get wet in transit.  I think though I did not pack my shoes or sleeping bags in trash bags which may be a loss.  Even if everything was wet, I have faith that the trash bags might have saved my clothes.

Although, Durham is not a major city and likely does not have Task Rabbit services, I’m sure I can find someone to go into my storage unit, throw away all the cardboard boxes and move all my items to another storage unit so they won’t grow mildew.

Needless to say, it’s not the worst thing that could happen, but I wasn’t expecting to start my new life at Duke with nothing.

On a brighter note, I did sign a lease and I do have housing for the year.


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