In gratitude

Everything worked out for a reason and there was likely no reason to panic about nursing school but in retrospect it seemed very stressful during the application period. As I close this chapter of life, and I move on to the next, I have evolved to the next version of me, Liane 4.0 if you will.  There was 1. growing up in NYC, then college, 2. Corporate life at McGraw-Hill and publishing <NYC, Philadelphia>, 3. Semi-retirement, traveling the world and post semi-retirement <SF>, 4. Nursing school <North Carolina>. This will be my 5th cross country move. I am grateful for all of you who have been on these different journeys with me. I recognize it is never too late to keep growing, try something new and begin again.  
Photos: On Tuesday, friends at archery, the last photo is from 80 yards away. 

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