Life on Craigslist

I picked up 30+ free moving boxes yesterday from a guy named Frank who posted them. He recently moved into a new home with his wife. I told them I was moving to North Carolina, for nursing school @ Duke. His reply was Duke’s a good school. This is the same response from everyone I meet. They tell me Duke’s a good school. I like that reputation and feel confident in my decision to go there. Sometimes, though the response is, oh, Duke, they are my team! Duke basketball is big and I’m excited too, more from anthropology perspective to learn about its culture. I am looking forward to watching things like marching bands, and basketball games in a stadium that fits 8,000 seated fans, and 12,000 standing fans.

The boxes were used only once for this move, and by professional movers. The boxes were labeled, vases, ski jackets and pillows. The couple mostly moved kitchenware. I appreciated picking up the boxes but they are all small, 16”x12”x12”. My down puffy jacket takes up one whole box. I have packed about 20 small boxes: camping gear, helmets (climbing, skiing, bike), bicycle pump/accessories, winter sports (ski jacket, pants, gloves, thermals, hats), mountaineering specific clothing (like gaiters, crampons, climbing harness, etc.), and sleeping bags. I packed one box of linens and towels, another of school supplies/books, hangers, trekking backpacks and regular jackets and shoes. I really don’t think I need an apartment just a garage or large closet/gear room.

I also posted a few things on Craigslist for free, left over from the previous tenant or I received for free: over the toilet glass stand, plastic shoe rack and outdoor patio furniture. Each of these free posts, I received over 10+ replies. I deleted all the messages from people who did not follow the directions of my ad and gave the items to those who could follow the directions. My note included, please reply with your phone number, date/time you would like to pick up the item.

Last night, I asked the girl who picked up my outdoor furniture if she wanted other things for free. I proceeded to give her bags of tea, opened bottles of aloe vera, sunblock, mosquito spray, wooded trivets, old ski goggles were the glue/adhesive had worn off from the padding, tennis balls (I don’t play tennis) and a stainless steel cocktail shaker. I was happy those items found a home since goodwill does not accept perishables. Now I have to give away my flower vases, lasagna glass pans, and other fragile items. I think I’ll ship my other prohibited items via Fed Ex through work, but I need an address to ship to.

The definition of an appliance is a device that is used for a specific task. I think the small electric kettle, hairdryer and hand held clothing steamer are defined as appliances, which are prohibited on Amtrak. Or maybe they only mean large appliances like a washing machine and I can still ship my small items. Other items not permitted: archery equipment, power tools, silverware, fragile items, artwork, liquids, perishables and ice axes (sharp objects). I don’t know how they would know if any of those items are in my boxes because the boxes do not go through a x-ray machine. However, I understand archery equipment is considered a weapon, ice axes and fragile items could break and hurt someone so I’ll likely ship those through work. I’m glad I had a month’s head start to start this moving process rationally. Otherwise, if I was short on time, I’d frantically be giving everything away.

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