Paperwork welcoming you to Duke

Sharing a photo: playing peekaboo.

I have been to the Student Health Center, 4 times in the last two weeks to be cleared for my immunization paperwork. The immunization paperwork requires birth immunization records. If you do not have your birth immunization records with the Dr.’s official stamp, you need to order titers with quantitative lab reports to prove you have the immunity. Luckily I had my paperwork, but additional paperwork was required for a Hep B titer ($16). I had to get a new TB test because TB tests are annual depending on the communities you work with. Fortunately this TB request was only one series and not the two series that I have needed in the past for my previous volunteer paperwork. The flu shot also is required within the program start date when it becomes available. 
I paid ($130) to have a background screening to ensure I do not have a criminal or sex offender record in the last ten years within the last three States that I have lived. Friday, I have to pass a drug screening. I have to renew my American Heart Association CPR certification, even though it has not expired and I have other CPR certs good for two years. They require a valid AHA certification for the duration of  program ($60). All forms must be completed by June 15. 
Additionally, I am getting blood lab work done and my eyes checked as well. The blood lab work is not for the program directly, but my last 4 visits to the school health center they said my blood pressure was so high, it was indicative of pre hyper tension. I could only equate the high blood pressure with stress, rather than medication, lifestyle, or even hereditary issues. I am surprised the stress I have been feeling over this application period is resulting in physiological indicators. When I said I felt stressed over the last several posts, and I was unable to overcome it in my normal ways of exercise, outdoor activity, friends, and sleep. My heart was actually squishing tighter. 
The move is going ok. I am now at phase 2 of the reviewing stuff – Marie Kondo method – do you love this stuff? I really do like my flower vases, but do I need to ship them? Will they break along the way? It’s apparently harder to part with some things than others.  

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