Purge away

I gave away 8 pairs of shoes, some of which I have not worn in over 5 years (work flats, sandal wedges, old sneakers, old hiking shoes, water shoes…). I gave away knee pads and wrist guards from over a decade ago when I used to snowboard. I found a blue tooth device, from the days when I used to sit in the car and have conference calls.  What is hiding in your closet?

Generally, I feel prideful about keeping my possessions in check and it surprises me to find these outliers. I have given away 8 paper shopping bags of stuff. I am slightly horrified that I had so many things to give away.

My friend argues that I should sell my two zero degree sleeping bags (one is down, the other is synthetic – serving different functions). She asked if I would use them in the next few years and if they are worth the cost of shipping and keeping. Yes, I love my sleeping bags, and they will never go bad. Technology will change, newer sleeping bags will become lighter, but I’m happy with them so I think they should move. I also don’t think I will ever return to SF, to visit yes, but unlikely to live here in the foreseeable future. I want to bring with me all that I will ever use, which is why I am keeping my ice axe too.

I am also surprised at how quickly all my furniture sold. I only have a few remaining items I will use over the next month (bed, and sofa), then those too will go. I enjoy the refresh, and opportunity to begin again. The only good thing about moving is to examine one’s possessions, and be honest, if they fit your current lifestyle. I read somewhere, when moving, be ruthless with the purge.

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