Denied, UBC

I would like to stop whining but rejection is such an emotional wound. The admissions process has made me feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster, a level of stress unparalleled to anything I have felt before. My normal habits of exercise, going outside or eating burritos/chips are not helping me.


I was rejected from UBC today, vanquishing my ideas of living in Vancouver, and the second house in the mountains of Whistler. Vancouver is not meant to be. Ten years ago, I tried to move to Vancouver for work and couldn’t, I was not more qualified than a Canadian. Now I tried to go there for school, equally denied. My only option now is to marry a Canadian. I’ll leave that as my last option.


Two choices now remain for me – San Francisco State University and Duke University. I have verbally said yes to San Francisco State University. They have not yet asked for a signed commitment and a non-refundable down payment of tuition in the range of $2,000-$4,000, which would go towards holding my spot in the 2017 fall class and payment towards the first semester’s tuition.


Then there is waiting for Duke. I hope, ever so slightly for an August admission. I have completed my essays for the spring cohort, waiting a decision in July for a January 2018 start date. Patience is not my strength. Even if admitted to Duke, I might not accept, it would depend on how much financial aid they could provide.


Imagining my next life at SFSU, the next steps after 3 years, receiving a BSN/MSN and RN license. Then, at Stanford, they have a RN residency program for new graduates. I have always wanted to go to Stanford, like people want to go to Paris. After 1 year full time as an RN, I am eligible to apply back to school for a nurse practitioner certificate/license. UCSF has a critical care specialty. UC-Davis has a joint Physicians Assistant/Nurse Practitioner certificate program. Or, I could return back to SFSU for one more year and receive a family nurse practitioner certificate.


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