Rainy day on the mountain

I’m not going to lie, I was a little scared getting off the chair lift for the first time on skis. The woman at the controls looked at me, and I shouted at her as we neared the dismount, “I’m not sure about this.” She said, “you want me to slow it down?” I shook my head, and said, “No, I can do this.” I took a deep breath, pushed my hand off the chair and down the short hill. Yay! Success. I didn’t fall flat on my face. It would have been fine if I had but I was worried, fear of the unknown. I think I like skiing because it is a new challenge. I spent most of the day squatting, knowing that I had a better center of gravity, and more control, if I was a little lower. I liked putting weight on the outside of my legs when I turned. I did mostly pizza wedges down the beginner area and it was fun to remind myself how to slow down by saying, pizza! I didn’t quite get s turns yet but huge success on day 1 of skiing. I found yet another expensive hobby.  
My friend at the bike shop suggested, if I choose to go to Canada for nursing school I should not worry about not passing Boards in the US. He said I should go to Canada, pass the Canada Boards and then go straight to NYC and sign up for the exam while I am fresh from studying. This would be my best opportunity to leave a window open for me to practice as a nurse in NYC if I ever needed to. I liked the idea. I can learn to ski in Canada, then climb mountains and ski down.  

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