Denver, yes, but no thanks

It’s dry here. My skin thirsting for a Gatorade. I keep reapplying lotion but it’s not making a difference. Walking out of the Union Station rail terminal (photo) was lovely. It’s really a beautiful station, on par with Grand Central in New York but more light and mountains in the background. I especially liked the brunch spot, Snooze, where I ate a heaping pile of spuds with eggs, wild mushrooms and an avocado. From the airport, the commuter rail is $9 to downtown.

I walked down 16th street, which is Denver’s central mall area. Nothing here but tourists and chain stores. I saw quite a few people sporting their Giants jerseys and felt back at home. Apparently today, the Giants and Rockies were playing. (Giants won). I stopped by Tattered Books which is their largest independent bookstore. It was ok. Downtown is a mix of new and old. Vintage warehouses mixed with new boutiques.

I made it to the hotel and met my friend CC for an afternoon of exploring. We walked to the Denver Central Market, which is like an Eataly but local. I ate a fig, nut pizza, whiskey flavored ice cream and drank Fentiman’s ginger beer (imported from the UK), all very tasty. I wanted to eat at Osaka Ramen but they didn’t open until dinner. We then walked the river walk, (a small park with sculptures) and the Cherry Trail (a bike trail). The river walk was next to REI Denver flagship so I had to stop in to browse. I was able to try on mountaineering boots which I am very excited about buying soon. These are the type of boots you wear when summiting mountains. Downtown is small but has everything you could want. I liked walking past the performing arts center. Although I didn’t pass any grocery stories.

Denver School of Nursing is a typical accelerated bachelors program. Finish in 21 months, approximately 11 week sessions with 2 weeks breaks between sessions. I appreciated the visit and the tour. When I walked into the simulation lab, there was a class in session. The instructor behind the double glass window pretending to be the patient, said into the microphone, “I’ve lost my child, why did you operate?” Interesting, I thought.

The interview, unbeknownst to me, was not so much of an interview, but an acceptance. They asked me if I was ready to begin the enrollment paperwork. Normally after they invite local applicants for an interview, they ask them back in a week to fill the enrollment paperwork to hold their spot. I asked if I could have a week to think about it. The admissions person said that would be ok. I was honest with her and said I am not sure I can accept because I was hoping to hear back from all the schools I applied to, so I could make an informed decision. If I decline, I could reapply by May 15, for a January start.

From what I saw, however, finishing a little early 1.5 ish years instead of 3 yrs at SFSU does not equate to $25,000 more dollars. I do not see a large benefit and therefore do not want to be $25K in more debt.

I also thought about UBC, the school in Canada I applied to, and I think I will decline there as well. Although, I could easily say I am ready and willingly to live in Vancouver for 10+ years, in all confidence I am not ready to commit forever. Passing the Boards in Canada would mean if I wish to work in the U.S. I would need to retake Boards. I am certain I do not want to do that. I know of a nurse who was a practicing nurse in Australia, but has not been able to pass the Boards here. I don’t want to be in that position. I have not been officially accepted to UBC yet, but that is what I am thinking.

For now, I am accepting admission to SFSU but holding out for Duke. If I don’t get in, it won’t be the end of the world and I will make the best where ever I go.

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