On the way

I walked into the office today carrying my 85L backpack. The other guide is going to pick me up from the office to drive to Yosemite this weekend. I suppose it’s not normal to see someone walking into the office carrying a giant backpack. The security guard stopped me and asked if I was going camping this weekend. I said, “I was.” He said, “that’s cool, you have all your stuff in your big backpack.” I said, “yes, I am carrying my house: sleeping bag, tent, and warm clothes. We are going to Yosemite to snow camp and I’m co-leading the trip.” Then, I walked to the elevator to start my first work day. In the afternoon, I will start my second work day. My friend, Lindsay who was visiting yesterday from Philadelphia, said it’s interesting how I can be anything, and be anyone. Starting in July/August, after 16 months, I will be another person, and a registered nurse. 
I am looking forward to the change, but not yet the move. I’ve come to terms with moving forward with Denver or Duke, which are 16-ish month accelerated Bachelor’s Programs rather than waiting for SFSU – master’s program. I’m ready to start-finish school and start working again. I’ve lived just above the poverty line for 5 years and although do-able, I’m ready to have more of a cushion. If I love being a nurse, after some experience I can apply to graduate school for the NP programs – I’m most interested in John Hopkins Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program or I can continue straight from Duke into their Master’s program. 
With an accelerated Bachelors Program, there is no time for error or figuring things out. I need to hit the ground running, already established in routine of finding the gym, the supermarket, the best places to study, etc. I’ll need a new laptop, as I’ve heard from other graduate students that many people use their computers to share their pdf files of textbooks and other students use google documents for shared papers/research. I’m not sure I know how to be a student again. In college, I mostly wrote papers and read books. For my pre-req’s for nursing school, at community college, I used binders, highlighters and printed a lot of paper. Professors encouraged us to take notes by hand, teaching their students how to learn/study, maybe for the first time. Back to college again, I’m not sure anyone is going to encourage me to take notes by hand.      
Course #

Course Name

Course Credits


Semester 1


Nursing 388

Health Assessment and Foundations for Nursing Practice Across the Lifespan


Nursing 389

Wellness/Health Promotion Across the Lifespan


Nursing 392

Professional Nursing: Past, Present & Future


Nursing 393

Physiologic Homeostasis and Principles of Pharmacology



Semester Total



Semester 2


Nursing 394

Professional Nursing: Evolution as an Evidence-Based Clinician


Nursing 395

Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family


Nursing 396

Nursing Care of Infants, Children and Adolescents


Nursing 397

Community and Public Health Nursing


Nursing 398

Pathophysiology and /Pharmacology I



Semester Total



Semester 3


Nursing 473

Professional Nursing: Evolution as an Effective Team Member


Nursing 474

Nursing Management of the Adult Patient with Health Problems


Nursing 475

Gerontological Nursing: Caring for Older Adults and their Families


Nursing 476

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II


*Nursing xxx




Semester Total


Semester 4


Nursing 483

Professional Nursing: Evolution as a Leader


Nursing 484

Nursing Care of Patients with Complex Health Problems


*Nursing xxx




Semester Total



Grand Total


The full-time campus-based program lasts 16 months and is comprised of four 12-week semesters. It includes 58 credit hours of study and nearly 800 hours of clinical experience.

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