What tempts you?

In HIV counseling today, the conversation about Lent came up and I asked someone to describe to me what that meant.  She described it in a few ways, but what resonated the most was when she asked, what tempts you?  She said some people give up social media, or certain foods like meat, or sweets.  My initial answer was I really like carbs and that would be hard to give up, but she said that wasn’t a very good answer.  I thought about it again and I think buying stuff tempts me.  Every other day it seems like I want something.  Last week, I wanted the juicer (I still do, but I don’t think it is practical).  This week I bought a yoga strap to help me stretch at home and a new water bottle for the gym.  Each week brings new thoughts of stuff I need or want, whether real or imagined.

I am not overwhelmed by stuff because I have a deep desire to be a minimalist.  I find the idea of a nomadic life, blissful.

This week, I went around the house looking for things I don’t use to sell or give away.  I started with the garage and sold a saddle (seat) from my old bike.  I sold a red wagon that I had bought months ago to use as a gardening project that never became anything.  I am have a potential buyer for my endurance road bike .  I am selling items that (as the best selling author Marie Kondo would say), don’t bring me joy.  They are items that sit around, and are not used/loved.  Interests change and I think that’s ok too.

I may start the purge soon too, for anticipation of having to move states or potentially countries for nursing school.  I have conflict in selling everything I own and moving with nothing or moving with everything but then sometimes the bringing everything does not fit in the new space and you feel anxiety for spending a lot of money, effort and sometimes tears to haul it across state lines.

My goal for the next month – 40 days or so – is to not buy stuff, whether needed or not.


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