Twig-y arms

What is the point of working out when you are useless for the rest of the day?  I lifted a little extra weight today for triceps and by the time I got home, I didn’t want to lift my arms to prep my vegetables for the week, instead, I sat on my glorious couch and watched TV.  My awesome TV that I’ve probably only turned on five times in the last year.  I have not learned how to be lazy but I found a new category on Netflix called Feel Good movies. I also like the category, strong woman lead character.  I’ve watched a few movies in the feel good category and they are pretty terrible movies, predictable and not very entertaining but at least you kind of feel good that you wasted two hours sitting on the couch.  My favorite TV time is around the corner – March Madness.  I know, I don’t know why but I really like to watch college basketball when they reach the finals.

After a month at the gym, my arms still look twig-y, not yet like Michelle Obama’s.  But, all those lunges and squats, my legs are looking stellar, strong and ready to run.  Although, I dislike running.  Most of the time, I sort of tolerate it.  But, I’m feeling stronger these days, working towards being strong for archery and the longer goal (some day in the future) carrying a heavy backpack, while attached to a sled – 30 lbs, up a mountain.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?  It’s the dream, climb Mt. Denali.


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