Green juice

I wake up hearing “Embarcadero” on the loud speaker. Sometimes I’m not sure I heard the stop and I open one eye to check, to see if it looks like my station stop. Embarcadero fortunately, does not look like Powell or Montgomery station stops and it only takes a second to recognize if it’s time to get off the train. I take MUNI to the gym so I can close my eyes for 20 more minutes instead of riding my bike in the dark.

After the gym @ 8 am, I eat breakfast of quick 1 minute oats, sliced almonds and brown sugar, then by 9:30-10 am, I’m hungry again, ready for “second breakfast”. If I buy breakfast in the café (eggs, spinach and tater tots – it’s about $6.50 or I can buy a juice – kale, celery, spinach, lemon, apple, and ginger.) One day I bought the tots meal and the other day I bought juice. Both are not affordable and I already bring lunch and afternoon snacks.

I’m thinking about buying a juicer. Apparently juicers are different from blenders because they separate the pulp. Blenders = smoothies (with a base protein – like yogurt, almond milk, etc.) Juicers – I can stick the celery straight in and it turns into juice. I’m kind of excited by the thought of having my own juice to bring as snacks/small meals, more affordable than $6.50 per drink, but it’ll mean I have to haul a lot more veggies home from the farmer’s market. I was thinking about bringing the drinks to supplement meal times when I’m hungry, like when I am volunteering, or after the gym. The small snack pack of almonds isn’t cutting it.

I’m a little weary about buying another kitchen appliance, but I do love my dehydrator and it has brought me many happy snacks. I found an affordable, well reviewed one called, Breville Juice Foundation Compact for $99. I am thinking about it and trying to differentiate between needs and wants.

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