Day 3 @ the gym

The fog in San Francisco has a name and it’s Karl.  I don’t know who writes behind this pen name but it’s always funny and witty on Twitter.  

The hardest part of going to the gym is the going.  I kept looking out the window, deciding if I should go.  The rain and wind were pelting the window.  If I took the bus it would be 40 minutes.  If I biked it would be 20 minutes.  I decided to brave the rain and ride my bike.  On days like this, I see only 1-2 other cyclists and they are messengers.  Thanks to my waterproof clothes, I made it through monsoon conditions to the gym, mostly dry and in 20 minutes.  The last few days have not been challenging workouts but I am trying to build routine.

Sunday, I went to Stonestown YMCA and I accidentally went to the advanced strength class, thinking it was basic strength.  When we were doing planks, the instructor said to me, you’re not even trying, you should be using the medicine ball and the bosu ball like everyone else.  I said, I am ok doing planks on the floor.  He said, no, try at least the medicine ball.  I tried so he would go away.  

Monday, I went to mid morning pilates @ Buchanan YMCA.  Apparently, people who go to classes mid morning are the folks who you would stand, and give your seat to on the bus or they are people who can’t touch their toes.  This instructor went around the room to the Asian ladies and said, “what language should we count to 1-10 in today?”  One lady said Mandarin and another said Cantonese.  When he got to me, I said, Russian.  He looked perplexed and I said, “you asked, which language would you like to count to 1-10 and today I would like to count in Russian.”  He didn’t talk to me for the remainder of the class and we counted in English.  

Today, I went to the Presidio YMCA, and took a stretch class and lifted on my own.  The 30 minutes of stretching was phenomenal.  I really should incorporate stretching with a full length foam roller or PVC pipe and strap every few days.  Then I went to archery later.  

Lastly, I volunteered today, as an HIV counselor this evening and tried to incorporate some of my counselor workshop training from last week.  I asked my client, “how do you take care of your sexual health?”  We spend all this time focusing on our eating habits and our gym habits but what about empowering people to take an active interest in their sexual health.  It was an interesting way to frame the conversation.  


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