Happy Lunar New Year 2017

“You drink coffee?” said me to my roommate.

“Yea, always. I’ve lived here 5 years and only getting around to buying a coffee maker now.”

Two interesting facts occurred to me in this statement. I lived in this house for five years and didn’t know my roommate of five years drinks coffee.

Five years is the longest I’ve lived in the same place. It’s not actually five years, because I arrived to San Francisco at the end of 2013, it’s more like four years, which still beats any previous record. I lived in Philadelphia, four or five years, but I moved to a different neighborhood and house at the end of each lease.

It’s the lunar new year today. I remembered to call my dad. I forgot to call on Christmas, but I remembered today so I hope those cancel each other out. I joined a gym yesterday as a new year’s resolution and put notes around the house to remind myself to go to the gym. Notes say – DENALI. KILIMANJARO. Reasons to remember why I want to get strong. The plan this spring is to get strong, so I can be a better archer and climb mountains. I ordered new gym pants, sports bras and running shoes. It’s not that one needs new gym clothes, but bodies change, and whatever incentive I can get to help motivate me, so be it. I think the blue tights will look nice. Apparently on the Brooks website, every time you buy new running shoes, which for some people is around every six months, you are supposed to buy new sports bras too. Who knew? Tomorrow is a new day and with all the immigration news, I can at least focus on what I can control, my health and work towards a better me.


  1. New sports bra every 6 months…oh boy am I behind!! It’s like shoes, once you find a good one that doesn’t chafe, they stop making it or create a new model!! Stay strong and keep climbing for the stars girl!


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