Austerity, no more

My austerity plan only lasted 5 days and I caved and bought some things. I am picking up another job. I’ve already started the application in my head and surprisingly I have so much confidence in my ability to get this job, I’ve already started thinking about the interview. This is terrible to be 10 steps ahead. I haven’t even written the cover letter yet. You may be wondering why don’t I just increase the hours I work at my current jobs. I feel slightly maxed out at the foundation. They don’t need me more than 3 days a week. And although I could work more at the shop, that would be a horrible idea because all my paychecks already go straight back to them, so it’s like I’m bartering or working for free. I currently work 4x a week and now that applications are over, I can easily work more.

The purchases I made today, a ski helmet that kind of makes me look like Princess Leia and reminds me of my favorite dress that I borrowed from Ramie. Seriously, I might be the only person who bought a ski helmet because the color reminded them of their favorite dress. The color advertised is matte lunar but it’s a light lavender.

I bought crampons and new trekking poles with shock absorbing feature. All of this is a long time coming, but I feel an extra incentive to buy them now even if I may not use them right away – for future adventures. I have such an enormous discount right now and if I leave in 6 months, that’s the end of it. The ski helmet was a recent to do list item after deciding I want to learn to ski. The crampons, for mountaineering I’ve wanted since summiting Mt. Whitney and the new trekking poles have been on my list since last December after hiking in Peru.

All my money goes towards making the outdoors more fun. It’s no wonder I only have a very slim closet of a few shirts and a garage that keeps on growing.


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