Ramen noodles

I decided to take a new approach to my austerity plan and instead of wanting things, I will just write them down and see how long I can wait it out. It’s like at the grocery store, if I think I might want something I put it in my basket and by the time I have made it to the checkout line, I rationalize putting it away.  

I’ve decided I cannot pursue all the things I want to do right now, because if I am going to move for nursing school by summer, I need to save money for the move and resettling/transitioning to a new community rather than learning to ski, ride a motorcycle or garden. I am hoping to spend money only on essentials and everything else, will go on a wish list.

Never before have I cut back.  I’ve always picked up another job to cover additional expenses.  This should be an interesting new approach.  I might fail and revert back to old habits.

If I move to Denver, I will need a car, and car insurance.  The idea of maintenance makes my heart flutter.  When my bike needs mainteance my friends at the shop help me out.

If I go to school in SF, I may have few job prospects after I graduate because the job market is saturated, but I will have paid in state tuition and I can live comfortably in my current situation.

If I move to Canada, after graduation, I can potentially get a working visa and stay there forever, which will make up for the doubled international student tuition.

North Carolina is looking less enticing each day and I am not sure I cannot support living in that state with such politics.

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