Projects for the spring

I had these grand plans for going on an austerity plan once the holidays were over, however now in the new year I have these new ideas for the spring. After spending the week in Death Valley, I’d like to get a motorcycle license so next time I am in the backcountry I can rent a dirt bike. The weekend motorcycle beginner training class is $258. After the week in Colorado, I want to climb and summit more mountains, so I need to be a downhill skier to come back down and get to the backcountry. Skiing lessons will mean weekend trips to Tahoe, $300 each go and then after I become a skier I can be enroll in the avalanche class. Then there is the skis, skins and avalanche gear to purchase. Finally there is a 8 week gardening class near my house that begins in March for $144, so much for austerity.

My friend said I may not know the meaning of relaxation, which may be true, but I do know the meaning of adventure.

After the week in Colorado, I am now more open to leaving San Francisco. It was hard thinking about leaving at first but the mountains are calling.  

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