Death Valley

I am sure I have written about this before but organized campgrounds have hosts and they are usually a volunteer retired couple. Wouldn’t that be nice to meet all kinds of new people every day, live rent free and live in a national park for a season in exchange for checking people in at the campsite? I kind of like the idea.

Driving from Joshua Tree to Death Valley via the Mojave desert took longer than expected. I thought the drive would have been 4 hours but with construction and stops it was closer to 6 hours. We stopped at the historic route 66 to buy postcard stamps and a root bear. It was a landmark on the trans pacific railroad stop. Not much but as described on the plaque it was an oasis for weary travelers in the desert.

We arrived at Death Valley and went on our first hike through the canyons at the Badlands Loop, overlooking Zielinskis’s point. Halfway through our trip, I took a $5 shower at the Furnace Creek Ranch. I’ve had better showers for $5.

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