Packing for the desert

I have been packing for nearly a week now and I keep realizing I am not done and have to go back to the store. My HIV counselor friend who stands on the sidewalk with me every Monday said, he didn’t have a word to describe me, he said you’re more than a planner. It’s like everything you say and do has been thought out to the tenth step. It makes him go, hm? Like when we had the conversation about food, I told him I can’t eat those things because they are grown far away and I refuse to contribute to the gas and waste it took to be delivered to this part of the world as a matter of convenience. I try my best to eat locally grown products and food in season for that reason. Ethics and being conscientious is what helps guide me. I have to think through lots of things before I act.

I’ve been packing for two trips this week, one week in the cold desert and one week in Denver/rocky mountains. I don’t have time to do laundry or unpack between trips and literally grabbing the second bag to the airport. I’ve been packing 2 sets of everything for each bag, thermals, toothbrush, pajamas, hats, gloves, jackets, etc. I noted I am a little short on normal socks but good on hiking and ski socks. I will have to buy more every day socks on my return. I am grateful to have enough of everything to make these trips.

I also spent the week planning food and water for our trip.  If water is only accessible on the outside of the park, and we plan to be on the interior, how much water does each person need and how long can we go with our supply?  On average, I drink 2 liters of water while hiking, and then you get back to camp, probably drink another liter and use water to cook and wash up, estimated 4 liters = 1 gallon per day.  4 people = 4 gallons per day.  I bought (2) 7 gallon containers which means we have enough for 2 days, with room for any errors.  There will not be any phone signal in Joshua Tree or Death Valley, stay tuned for photos and updates after the new year.  Picture: my week dehydrating food in prep for camping.

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