Baby, it’s cold outside

I stopped looking at the weather app on my phone because whatever temperature it says, it feels cold. Not New York cold where you legitimately wear a down jacket, but San Francisco cold feels like the wind blows through you to your bones. My eye balls felt cold biking to work each morning this week. Sure I could buy clear sunglasses but I don’t feel it’s necessary to look geeked out on a commute. But, still, my eye balls are cold, my ears are cold, but not my hands.  This is my third winter in SF and yet I still feel surprised.
Photo of Baby Nathan in NYC bundled for the cold.  Too adorable not to share.  


  1. Liane, you wouldn’t remember me, but I met you briefly when BTUSFMS came through Illinois. My son did the ride 3 times, but not with you, and I’m also an Oberlin grad, so I was intrigued by your story and have lurked on your site. I hope you don’t mind! I felt compelled to write to you because if this adorable baby is in a car seat in a car, he shouldn’t have a snowsuit or coat on; it’s actually very dangerous. (Google this to see why.) If he’s in a stroller, it’s fine. I know this is unsolicited advice, but I’m a child development specialist plus a grandmother and the mother of a pediatrician, so I’m very safety conscious.


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