Deep divide

I wore black today, in mourning. I feel a deep loss for everything I hold true. A new administration will defund women’s health rights, overturn Roe v. Wade, overturn universal health care, overturn marriage equality, elect a new Supreme Court Justice that will shape our landscape for generations to come. I feel a genuine fear for women, people of color, people with disabilities, low income communities, survivors of sexual assault, immigrants, Muslim families, Black men, and every disenfranchised community. I have moved beyond denial, comprehending that more than half of America voted for a man who represents the anti-establishment, for a person who wants to build a wall to keep immigrants out, who does not respect women, who does not pay taxes and therefore does not support institutions I hold true – the library, public schools, hospitals and parks. I am trying to hold it together and not break down into tears for fear of what has become of our society. I looked at my manger this morning and her eyes suggest she had been crying all night. She said to me, you can always dictate your own schedule and work as much as you feel you can be effective. I do not feel effective today, but I carry on as we all must. There is no moving to Canada or any other country that supports gender equality and economic equality. America has shown it’s ugly divide and there is so much work to do, but today, I mourn for our country and each other.


  1. Well said. What we have to do now is our best to support what we believe in and live our lives as examples to those beliefs


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