Pay it forward

The girl who picked up the guest mattress from my post on Craigslist asked, are you moving too? I said, no, just getting rid of the guest bedroom. It sounded elitist, those words coming out of my mouth. I have the privilege of having an extra bedroom. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly a guest bedroom, more of a bedroom furnished by me that rotated among sub letters to help pay the rent. I asked the girl where she was moving to and she said I’m moving from Ingelside to the Tenderloin. Interesting, I thought, a downgrade to a less safe neighborhood? I also gave her the linens and towels too. She genuinely seemed grateful for them.

The second Craigslist guy who picked up the bed frame, also asked if I was moving and I said no, just getting rid of furniture to make space for a permanent roommate. I am glad I was able to pay it forward and give away the bed frame and mattress to someone who needed it. It feels better to give it to someone rather than it going to the trash. I hope the free Ikea mattress and bed frame continue to be useful in someone else’s life. Giving away the furniture reminded me that you can be generous, you have gifts to give, and there are people less fortunate than you.

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