Outdoor cooking

Friends, I am up-ing my outdoor game. I do not cook and I am an exceptionally picky vegetarian. I mean, I only like to eat farm fresh carrots. I love heirloom tomatoes and my favorite fruit ripens only for 3-4 weeks out of the year. I picked up a few books from the library with titles called “Fork on the Trail” or “Lipsmacking vegetarian backpackin.”

I am excited to try to make things like tofu jerky, nian-gao blueberry rice cakes, backpacker vegetarian sushi, dehydrated fruit leather which can be made into a smoothie with water on the trail. Can you imagine your favorite banana strawberry smoothie while climbing some switchbacks?

Most of the recipes call for a dehydrator. I’m not sure how it works but I bet it will be my most used kitchen appliance.

I’m planning to be in NYC for an extended Thanksgiving (maybe 2 weeks), and for the last week in December – I’m planning on going to a few national parks.  If you want to see me, pencil me into your calendar.


  1. I can’t see you being patient enough for a food dehydrator, but I guess you do just put the food in and leave it until it shrivels. You know for most Asians the rice cooker is the most important tool.


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