Nursing school application #1

I have spent literally all day working on this application and I’m starting to see stars. I walked to the grocery store to buy a bag of potato chips for dinner but it didn’t make me feel better, usually potato chips make me feel better. I feel like I sound absolutely ridiculous on paper.



  1. Activities or experiences working with underserved populations (2700 character limit)

I started with HS, college… just to show a trend but I ran out of text space, so I stopped after college and fast forwarded to current activities like HIV test counselor.


  1. Community-based activities or experiences (2700 character limit)

For some people, this could be sewing or a chess club… instead I wrote about the fundraising I have done over the last 5 years combined with athletic pursuits like biking across the US for MS, climbing Mt. Whitney for Big City Mountaineer’s, or racing my first triathlon and marathon with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, or participating in Ironman Canada for the Ironman Foundation. In addition, I wrote about my regular community based activities, like volunteering at the Food Bank, twice a month.


  1. Your Post-Graduation Job/Career Plans and Objectives (2700 character limit) – stuck here… haven’t started writing about how I’d like to be a flight nurse on a search and rescue team in a national park, or working in a remote country providing humanitarian aid to countries in conflict or working less glamorously in the Emergency Room. This sounds ridiculous. Who has goals like these? Or even, why do I have goals like these? — that’s another section, my personal statement and goal statement.


Another section reads: EXPERIENCE


Experience (include drop down menus for: dates, description, title, location, organization) – this one was easy, PAID work


Health-related volunteer – ER, HIV/AIDS test counselor, Bike the US for MS route leader, Team in Training as a mentor, Make a Wish: wish grantor, AIDS LifeCycle


Other volunteer – volunteering at SF/Marin Food Bank, One Brick, SF Bike Coalition, Public Library…


I feel like I’m saying the same things in different places. Why is there not a difference between my Activities vs. Community-based activities and volunteering?


Finally, I sent my recommendation request to 5 people. What kind of application needs 5 people to recommend me? Fortunately, everyone I asked said, yes, but seriously, how much more do I need to write to prove I am worthy of attending a nursing program?


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