Dirty is for laundry…


From the Stigma project, “dirty is for laundry, not your HIV status.” A client said I am coming in for testing because I want to know I am clean. The counselor did not say it in the room but afterward he told me suggestions on how to respond properly to break the stigma.
We talked about how I feel like I am struggling with not placing my values on other people. I need to separate myself and focus, listen to the client. They are in charge of their own lives and take control of their actions.
Another client talked about sex with a prostitute and was moderately concerned about their HIV status. The counselor said even though someone who might have sex a lot and is paid for their services, does not mean they have HIV. Their livelihood depends on a negative status. Interesting way to frame the conversation about risk.
Goals: Be strong, supportive and not offensive. Education. Stigma. Language. Words.

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