the Gap work shop

From my desk I walk past art by Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns on the way to the bathroom.  I was told the good pieces were returned to SF MoMa for their re-opening.  In my new job, I can leave work by 5 pm.  I don’t take work home with me, nor am I expected to.  I did ask if I could put work email on my phone because I like to skim through emails regarding what is expected of me before I arrive to work, instead of arriving and caught unaware I have a meeting in 5 minutes and did not prep for it.

It has been 7 years since I last sat in a cubicle.  It has been 4 years since I last looked at Outlook.  It’s been even longer since I talked about workflow and teams.  I sit on the 15th floor, which is the top floor that houses the Foundation and Board meetings.  Each of the conference rooms has a magnificent view of the Bay Bridge.

I work at the Gap Foundation managing their grant programs.  My “team” is part of the Global Sustainability department.  I am in a one year contract position.  I have a 9 month gap between when I apply to school and start school.  I am planning to work 4 days a week, and once a week go to class for archery, probably Cantonese and one other class.  Saturdays, I will continue to work at the bike shop.  Ideally I would be have preferred a job in a medical field to gain more experience, but I did not see postings that I qualify for.

The last time I “worked” was in 2012 and I have since given away all my “work clothes”.  I am told I can wear anything you would see at the Gap store, but in reality, that’s not how people at the Foundation dress.  On two separate occasions, unintentionally, I’ve had people stare at me up and down.  The first time, was my first day, I wore a Banana Republic black dress with a Gap denim jacket (both their brands, by the way).  The second time, I wore jeans with a yellow button down silk sleeveless shirt, grey cardigan and my vegan tennis shoes.  I figured it would be fine, since it was a Friday, before the July 4th holiday weekend.  I think they expect you to look polished yet comfortable, store bought yet unique.  I will likely keep rockin’ my tennis shoes though with the excuse I bike to work.  I need the help of a stylist, and apparently there is an app for that.


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