Sage sofa and a TV

A tall Amazonian woman was wheeled into the ER, accompanied by her also long legged friend. The girl, 17 years old was drunk, celebrating Pride. Under age, she needed a parent to come to the hospital to release her. I asked the registration clerk how much her visit was going to cost. He estimated probably $1,200 for the ambulance ride, then maybe $500 for the ER visit and co-payment. I am glad I am not the parent of this child.

A 70 year old man, unresponsive with pancreatic cancer, on chemo treatment, was brought to the ER after supposedly being unresponsive for two days. It took two days for the nursing home to call for help. He was accompanied by his son. I did not read his chart, but from my experience with the dying, his dad was experiencing multiple organ failures. The doctor said he is in full code, which means to intervene if his heart stops but at what point do you intervene when it should be his time to go? The quality of life left is very little when breathing is challenging. It was hard to watch his son not see the reality of death.

In other news, I withdrew from my online psychology class. I felt the instruction was poor, lack of clear expectations and directions on the written assignments. I was most opposed to my instructors’ constant use of smiley faces. Just because it is an online class, I do not need emoji’s for emotion. The written word conveys emotion. Dropping the class either means I can retake it in person with another instructor in the fall, or don’t take it at all, and not apply to a Seattle school.

I bought a sofa and it makes me feel like a grown up. I bought it on Craigslist because I like the recycling idea, of furniture and appliances finding new life. I am not opposed to new furniture or new things, but I don’t quite see the point in it, when it costs so much when there is already so much used in the world, ready to find a new home.

In my move from upstairs to downstairs, I sold my Japanese 4 panel folding screen, my glass desk, a side end table and headboard. I only took a loss on the headboard, all other items were sold at the same cost I bought them. I bought a new desk and a used stand up mirror.

When I lived in my apartment in Philadelphia, I hated my bi-level open studio space. I wanted doors. Now, in my new space, I am excited to “see” everything. There are no closets and I can see everything I own. Nothing hidden or tucked away. It gives me a very visual sense of self. Only keeping what brings you joy.

I rode my bike to the seller’s house on Sunday morning at 9:30 am to view the sofa. Taye, the 4 year old opens the door in his pajama’s. He said he’s never done that before, answering the door. I said, well done and walked upstairs to test the sofa. It’s been loved by the family of four, dad, Brad, mom, Sam, Taye and baby. They were upgrading to a new sofa. I could see the life of this sofa, family time for them. It is in ok condition, but serves it’s purpose for me and still has life left. It is a sage color, originally purchased from Macy’s. I then pulled up on my phone, a new app, called Lugg (like Uber, but movers on demand). Two men in a pick up truck arrived in 20 minutes and transported my sofa to my home. I love that there is an app to help me with my Craigslist purchases. My new studio space is almost complete, except the TV. I look forward to building a garden and sitting on my sofa.

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