14th and 15th.

Two cyclists died yesterday in hit and run’s. They are known respectively as 14th and 15th, cyclists to die since 2011 in San Francisco.  
14th, was a woman, 41 years old. She was biking in Golden Gate Park at 6 pm, when a stolen Honda Fit, going 50-60 mph on the opposite side of the road, moved into oncoming traffic to overtake slower cars, hitting her directly. The speed limit in the park is 15 mph. She died at the scene. The driver continued to drive away, abandoning the car a few blocks away. 

15th, a woman, in her twenties, biked at 7th and Howard at 8:30 pm. A male, driving a BMW SUV went through a red light, killing the cyclist on impact. The driver continued to drive a few blocks. He got out of his car and was held by pedestrians. Alcohol or drugs were not at play.

These devastating deaths make me so sad for humanity. The drivers knowingly killed a cyclist while driving and did not stop to help or acknowledge the situation.  

I could have died yesterday. I could have been 14th or 15th.  I mourn their deaths.  Biking in the city as my primary form of transportation comes with inherent risks but dying should not be one of them.  

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