I ate a salad for breakfast.  I am not very proud of that fact but I either could choose from eating a handful of nuts with a small apple or a salad.  I felt the salad was a better choice because it meant I could at least get my greens in for the day.

Feeding myself has not been a strong point for me.  There are people who actively use the kitchen and then there are others like me, who see it as a place for more storage.

I am downsizing. After 3 years of living in the same house, it’s time to come to terms: I will never use the salad spinner, the immersion blender, the vases or the glass pitcher.  Grown ups should have a utensil to make mashed potatoes, but I’ve mashed potatoes maybe once or twice in my entire life.  I have a utensil for draining spaghetti from the pot, even though I don’t buy pasta.  I have a hammer looking device to pound meat, because it looked like fun to hammer food but I’ve never touched meat in my entire life.  It’s amazing how much one can accumulate, even when I am consciously purging.

I am moving downstairs, staying in the same house, but moving to a different space that is more of an open studio without closets.  I think, seeing everything, instead of tucked away in their hidden spaces, will be better for me.


  1. I love this! I think it’s a smart move. Since January I’ve been “weeding out” things I haven’t used or just don’t want any longer. During the process I’ve thought about all the money spent on gadgets and other useless things that ended up in a cupboard or drawer. I wish I had all that money back.


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