Surfing transit lines

Exhausted, I could not bring myself to bike to school today. I have biked almost every day this semester, 6x a week, averaging 10-20 miles a day, commuting with my heavy backpack. Today was the last day of the spring semester.

I took the bus and someone said to me, “Nice ray-bans. I like the two tone color.” I said, “thanks.” He then followed it with “you are hella fine.” I was wearing sunglasses, not so much to shield myself from the light but to avoid eye contact and conversation.

On the way home, on the N-Judah, it was packed with commuters, none of whom were talented in the art of surfing. People bumped into each other as the train swayed and stepped on toes as it became more crowded. I realized even if I am tired, a day on my bike, even though I feel like I risk my life each day in traffic, is better than public transit.


  1. I know how annoying it can be when people don’t really know how to commute. I remember how quiet it was on the bus I rode in Chicago–the 57. No one said anything. Chatty Cathy’s were frowned upon. It is the same in NYC. The only people who are immune from this displeasure are children and their parents who are trying to deal with them. Had a great ride on the A train today surrounded by 5 year-olds.


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