Staples in your head

The winners of today, shingles? scabies? staples in your head?

Today’s volunteer assignment was in the urgent care unit, called fast track. It’s the place where you need immediate attention but not so much that you have to go to the emergency room. A few patients who were seen, really should have gone to their primary care doctor or maybe, just used common sense. Why would you subject yourself to a visit to urgent care unless you were really sick?  Why wait hours to see a Physician’s Assistant, only to be given a high dose of ibuprofen due muscular pain from a car-bike accident a week ago?  Another patient had a cold and left with cough medicine.
Nurse to patient: we are going to irrigate the wound, remove the staples and put them back in.

I wanted to know how he needed staples in his head in the first place. The staple gun looked just like a regular staple gun, only miniature in size, like for a child.

Another patient was diagnosed, with maybe shingles and maybe scabies. She had a rash across her back. I wasn’t grossed out at the hospital until I came home and researched shingles and scabies. I had trouble sleeping, envisioning mites (parasite) burrowing beneath the skin. It is contagious by skin to skin contact, longer than a handshake but not much more than that. The parasites die by a topical insecticide placed on the skin like lotion.  All linens and clothes that have been contaminated/exposed need to be washed at high heat. Lesson learned, I will never forget symptoms and signs for shingles and scabies.

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