Travel bug

I deleted all the social media apps from my phone, to unplug from distraction and focus for the next 7 weeks. I have not regained any motivation to finish the semester but I need to forge ahead and make plans for the future. I’m sure about applying to those six schools. I need to start working on personal statements and essays if I want to apply by August. I need to ask when the schools will interview, if it is possible to be out of range, out of the country for the fall.  
I chase dreams. I’m thinking of circus class this summer and maybe spending the fall in Patagonia. I was looking into a outdoor course that focuses on mountaineering. It’s 80 days where you transverse by kayak and foot, whacking your way through the bush, until you meet your sister program to switch gear then climb the mountains for the remaining month. I probably would need to take out a loan if I wanted to do this program but at this point, I’m pretty sure I will be taking out loans for nursing school, so what is the point of a few extra thousand? Then if I am not needed back stateside, I can continue through Latin America, making my way back home.

I would be surrounded by young folk in this particular program, but it wouldn’t matter. My lab mate asked me today, she said you are my age, 28/29? I didn’t reply, but it’s nice to think young.  

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