Beautiful, talented and inspiring


I took a break after class to see WOMEN: NEW PORTRAITS by Annie Lebovitz.  The highlights for me were portraits of powerful, beautiful, and bright women: Shonda Rhimes (television producer), Adele (singer), Misty Copeland (ballet dancer), Aung San Suu Kyi (Burmese politician), Gloria Steinem (activist), Kara Walker (artist), and many others.  All these women are inspiring and talented.

After viewing the portraits, I breathed in the beauty of the Presidio, passing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.  I may leave San Francisco, depending on how school progresses.  If I leave, I will miss these walks by the ocean the most.

I enrolled in summer school today, Statistics and Introductory Psychology, the last remaining requirements to apply to some nursing graduate programs.  By August, I will apply to 6 nursing school programs, then wait to hear for admittance or interviews.  If accepted to Seattle, Vermont or Baltimore, I will move as soon as I hear from all 6 schools (2 in SF).  It leads me to an uncertain future, what should I do from August-February?  I cannot move out of my apartment, if I am admitted here.  I could travel but I need to be available for interviews from the fall-February.  If I enroll in classes for the fall, it would be a combination of Cantonese, Archery, Cultural Anthropology, Intro to Public Health.  If I attend some classes or all these classes, I am committed to a school schedule of August-December.  I could volunteer.  I could return to work, but what kind of work?  Ideally, I would like to travel, if only for some months, but then I should sublet or move out and not sure which is a better solution for the unknown future.

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