honesty, too much?

Inspired by my browsing history, Amazon recommends all things Hunger Games, baby blankets and baby lamps.  Now, it might be confused by my recent order of my very first Barbie doll.  I had such conflicting feelings about buying it.  Over spring break, my co-worker at the bike shop, painted my commuter bike with his 6 year old daughter.  The bike was originally a hideous yellow.  She, with his help, painted the frame silver, accented with bold colored strokes, two notable images, a cat and a lightsaber (Star Wars).  In return for painting the bike, she wants a Barbie doll.  A barbie doll?!  I said, really, anything but a Barbie doll.  I went online and tried to buy the least offensive Barbie, if there is such a thing, and settled with the spy Barbie.  Spy Barbie has purple hair and an outfit that makes me roll my eyes, but hopefully, this 6 year can use it and imagine alternate spaces where Barbie saves the world.

Today at the bike shop, a young woman was interested in buying her first bike as an adult.  I sent her out on a test ride and when she came back she said, it was ok, but I couldn’t get up the hill out of the parking lot.  I, without hesitation, said, try harder.  In rebuttal, she said, but I go to spin class.  I smiled and said, spin class isn’t really biking.  She said, ok, thanks for the reality check.  I wondered if I had been too honest.  Is there such a thing, too much honesty?


  1. Yes. One can be too honest. I would have gone with “change gears”. Also, would have thought you would choose “fairy Barbie” since a made up character would be better than a fake real person. Lastly, you would like Tree Change Dolls, they up cycle dolls and give them natural makeovers.


    1. I did look at her gears and they were correct so I didn’t say anything about it. I don’t think I saw a fairy Barbie on the website. Oh well.

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