Bouquet to Art

My favorite exhibit at the De Young Museum, Bouquets to Art, is showing this week.  The museum invites florists to be inspired by the permanent collection.  Below are photos of some interesting things I saw at the museum.

excellent weather at the Observatory Tower.  Facing south is my favorite museum, the California Academy of Sciences with the biospheres on the rooftop, modeled after SF’s hilly landscape.  Facing north, a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the hills in Marin.

In the Bouquet gallery, there was a statue of Diana, goddess of the hunt, and an interpretation of a bunny.  In the painting of the yellow car, it was symbolic of 1945’s, World War II, when people would return to main street, the streets would be empty, and the storefronts would have a bouquet in the window representing the fallen.  The glass was titled, “The Tree of Life”, by Frank Lloyd Wright.  The painting was the “Station.”  Other items in the museum, fruit (blown glass), a yellow dress (cast glass), a satellite map of SF, canvas using the same type font as the HOLLYWOOD sign in Los Angeles, and a fun snow globe from the gift shop that is a fog globe.

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