Recharge batteries

Every morning at 9 am, I entered the Hamilton (musical) lottery, only to be notified at 4 pm, you are not a winner. Rejection every day is difficult and disappointing. I could see the touring show in SF in March but it won’t be the same, not the same cast. I have not yet resigned my fate to only listening to the soundtrack. The last song resonated the most with me. What is your legacy? Who will tell your story? What do you write when you have no more time? When my time is up, have I done enough?

This week’s visit in NYC coincided with the Qing Ming festival. From wiki: on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. This makes it the 15th day after the Spring Equinox. Other common translations include Chinese Memorial Day and Ancestors’ Day.

My father says to be dutiful is to honor the dead. I visited my grandmother at temple. I visited the graves of my mother’s grandfather’s, my mother’s mother, my mother’s father, my father’s mother and my father’s father, and my mother. My dad asked them to look after all of us in good health, he told them about the arrival of Nathan, and he wished for good grades for me. He said he would bring baby Nathan next year to visit.
My mother’s gravesite was particularly beautiful. Stalks of bamboo surrounded the entrance, there were fountains and streams with large carp swimming, flowering trees were in full bloom. She would have approved of her final resting place.

Nathan, such a small human. When a child is born all your hopes and dreams go into him. He becomes your everything. I’m still not sure about children but fascinated at the emotions they elicit from everyone around them.

The week was spent building furniture, dismantling furniture, going to Babies R Us, going to Costco, praying and honoring family past, and catching up with New York friends and family. It was not a restful week, but I am glad I had the opportunity to meet baby Nathan, eat pizza and bagels. I look forward to our next reunion when he is able to hold his own head.

I had a Peace Corps interview and concluded it is not the right option for me at this time. When you are invited to serve, you must accept or decline within 3 days of receiving the invitation and it is not on the same time line as nursing school notifications. I may have to reapply at a later time if this is truly a plan B.

I started researching more nursing schools, my options based on the requirements I have completed, I think I can apply to UCSF, SFSU, Seattle University, John Hopkins University, University of Washington.  Each are different programs with their own merits, SFSU would be the least inexpensive.  UCSF and Seattle University are 3 year programs in which I would graduate as a nurse practitioner.  UW is a 18 month accelerated Bachelors of Nursing.  John Hopkins, graduate with a MSN.  I would like to apply to other programs but many other programs require additional course work and I am only interested in applying this fall for entry summer 2017.


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