Baby Nate photo

Life is too short to cry over grades, but I want to cry.  Physio, the average grade was a C.  I hate being average.  I haven’t reviewed the questions I marked wrong but I think it was the way the question were worded rather than me misunderstanding the content.  Unfortunately, at the end of the day, an admissions person isn’t going to care if I understood content, but they will care if my grade is a B or an A.

In Microbiology, half the class failed and the others were a mix of 12 A’s, 9 B’s and 5 C’s.

Archery, I missed the question, 3 whistles means you are clear to walk up to the target and get your arrows, instead of me thinking it was clear to shoot.  In my defense, although the whistle rule is written in the manual, we only have used the whistle once in class to demonstrate when whistle calls are used in a tournament.  Otherwise, in practice, we verbally say clear.  I also missed another question which wasn’t explained well and I argued that point.

Lab quiz tomorrow and I am almost done with my research paper due Friday.

Before midterms I was tracking an A in all my classes, now this week I am tracking a B.  It’s only one exam and I can bounce back but as the semester carries on, I lose enthusaism.  Hopefully, spring break with Baby Nathan will raise my spirits and renew my energy.

Here is a photo of Nate, baby and mama are doing well.  Fun fact, my brother says, the baby was delivered at the same hospital as we were delivered AND the doctor is the son of the doctor that delivered us.

This little person has won my heart over and he didn’t do anything except be present in the world.

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