New arrows!

I underestimated how amazing the new arrows would be.  They are superior in every way, attaching to the string firmly, weighing next to nothing, and release/hit the target quickly.  I said, they are amazing, the assistant coach, added, “like life changing amazing.”

I thought I loved archery, now, I love it even more.  My bow should arrive next week and it should be a significant transformation.  I do however, have to figure out how to bike with the new equipment.  Biking home, they stuck out of the side of my backpack and I looked slightly ridiculous, or awesome, depending on who you ask.  I know of no other person, who bikes while carrying arrows.

We also moved back to 25 meters and now can see the arrows flying straight in the air.  You can tell immediately on the release if you shot poorly.  Today’s new arrows made me feel thankful to live in San Francisco.  I love that I went to school in the morning, then biked along the ocean side coast, seeing waves crash along the beach, on the way to my afternoon class, archery in Golden Gate Park.

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