Sparking joy

I really shouldn’t read books like Spark Joy, by Marie Kondo. Those of you who know me, know, often, I like to discard everything. Some might say, it’s a problem. It used to happen in cycles, like winter to spring, ridding my closet of anything that didn’t look or feel right. Then, the feeling advanced to furniture and physical items that were taking up space and making me feel suffocated. Then, the feeling grew to digital, I like to delete people from my address book if I have spoken to them in a year. They don’t get filed away, but deleted from my life. The disappearance clears my mental space, making room for only those who are important to me and worth my time and energy. If I needed to contact them after a deletion, then the universe would find a way to make us meet again, but so far, I’ve never made a mistake in this regard.  
In her book, she says, only keep items that spark joy. Even if it’s practical, like thermal wear, you should keep it only if you like it. I happen to like thermal wear but that was not my problem. I opened the closet and removed the last of “work”. I have not worn this button down shirt or work pants since 2012. I can even recall specific times I wore this shirt or these pants to school at Camden with my snow boots for a presentation. I saved them in the closet for the “what if” I need a professional looking shirt or something. I pulled several other items in this work category and now have nothing remaining from Banana Republic or Calvin Klein. I have no black pants, skirts or dresses. Interesting, in her book, she says of her clients, it is not the work clothes that did not spark joy but it was the job itself. Interesting, will wearing scrubs bring me joy?  


  1. You should go to the medical clothing stores and buy a pair to see. I love mine so much I can’t bear to throw it out even though it’s not decent enough to wear as pjs!


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