Ethiopia, can you find it on a map?

“Your frustration is duly noted,” said my professor.

I was arguing against a deduction on my lab practical. I had the right answer. She said my response was not clear. I have been overwhelmed and full of anxiety for the last week. The general rule is for every hour in class, you spend 3 hours outside of class studying. I spend 13 hours in lecture/lab, which means I spend about 40 hours a week studying.  Next week, I even have a written mid term in archery.

Yesterday and every day looks like this:

6 am: wake up (it’s still dark outside)

7 am: bike to school.

8-9 am: lecture

9-10 am: school health clinic visit, immunizations to volunteer at hospital

10-11 am: visit with school counselor on fall classes, and graduate school

11 am-12 pm: work with tutor on revising lab report

12-1 pm: buy groceries

1-4 pm: lunch, home, relax, reorganize notes

4-6 pm: revise lab paper

6-7 pm: one hour of watching you tube videos on the process of DNA

7-9 pm: complete micro homework for the next day

10-11 pm: snack, shower, sleep

repeat the next day

When I was a undergraduate student, I do not remember school as this challenging, nor do I remember life feeling constantly overwhelming? Is it the content of my course work now? Or am I more concerned with learning that directly applies to a new career, rather than learning for learning sake?

I went to EMT orientation last week and it was a fail. Not so much a fail, but the professor gave a 30 minute talk about why you should not be in this program, then after half the room left, he continued to talk about why if you want to be in this program, you have to really want it, otherwise you are taking the spot of someone who should be here. He said  10 people are dropped by the first exam, another 10 after mid terms.  Everyone in the EMT program, goes on to be a fire person or an EMT/Paramedic. I want to be neither. I do not want to learn to be on an ambulance. I only am interested in gaining patient skills, to further my confidence that I want to be a nurse. Not the best reason for enrolling in a challenging program for the fall.

The counselor I spoke with yesterday also agreed my fall would be better served taking language classes to gain fluency in Spanish or Chinese. We both agreed not to pursue public health because it is admin/office based and not field work. She said I would probably enjoy being a community social public health nurse but it pays too little. She recommended I also consider applying to more nursing schools and not rule out a BSN which could allow me to go straight into NP school.

Tomorrow I meet with a career counselor, my third time in life meeting with such a person. Three seems to be a high number in my little/short life.

I have a Skype interview at the end of March with the Peace Corps. I have been selected for consideration of a community health position in Ethiopia. I know nothing about Ethiopia other than there is a civil war in the neighboring country, South Sudan. I think they selected Ethiopia because in my questionnaire I requested placement in a country where vegetarian meals are readily available. Injeria, their national staple, tastes a little like sourdough. I have mixed feelings about the Peace Corps, how do I tell them, but not tell them, you are my plan B or C?

Oh, also, I ordered my very own, bow and arrows for archery class…


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