Wonder woman

I just watched the cartoon, Wonder Woman on HBO (released 2009).  It was in the “Action” category.  My memory of this cartoon is a little hazy but I don’t remember Wonder Woman being so pathetic.  This story originates with Wonder Woman as a gift from the goddess, Hera, raised by the Amazonian women, who are warriors.  The Queen of the women, has a battle with Aries, God of War, and Aries is taken prisoner. He escapes by seducing Persphone (which is incorrect in Greek mythology).  Pershpone dies, and claims that the Queen robbed her of love, being a wife and mother.  There are so many terrible moments in this cartoon that I wonder how it could have ever been empowering.  How could I have ever wanted to be Wonder Woman?

Photo: me, pre-K, Halloween.  Wonder Woman.


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