Plan c

In archery we moved back 10 paces, now at the standard of 18 meters away from the target. In my opinion, it is very far away. I was just starting to be comfortable at 10 meters. I know I should not complain either about the weather but it’s February and it was 80 degrees today. I was melting on the archery range, unable to see the target clearly in the sun. Sadly a few of my arrows flew over the bale.  
I started looking at plan c, to my plan a and b. If I am not accepted into nursing school, if I am not accepted into the Peace Corps, I am thinking about applying to a month long mountaineering program at Patagonia, Chile. One whole month on the mountain, learning ropes techniques, sleeping in a zero degree sleeping bag and being in the cold. Sounds amazing, seriously. Afterward, maybe hang out in South America somewhere to learn Spanish. I love to dream.  Dreams become projects.  

One Comment

  1. I love your ending and I’m making it my new signature. Remember it when you hit a low and everything feels like too much.


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