Clear career goals

After the spring semester, I will be one class short of completing the requirements to apply to nursing school.  After 1.5 years in school, I have evolved again and I am no longer certain I want to apply to nursing school.

I remember distinctly after completing my two week Wilderness First Responder course in Yosemite National Park in August 2012, I thought it would be awesome to be a wilderness first responder, to work on a search and rescue team.  I could spend the high season in a national park, and winter in a ski resort.  I knew I didn’t have the technical skills to belay down El Capitain to save a climber, but maybe I could have been on the medical team.

After visiting Denali National Park last August, I also wanted to stay a season.  I thought about how to go back to Denali.  I could get a nursing degree, work in critical care, and be a flight nurse.  One day, I could work in the field, like with the non-profit, Doctors without Borders.

All of these ideas, still seem distant and dreamy.  Perhaps the more realistic career goal should be public health.

Duke (North Carolina), Emory (Atlanta) and NYU (NYC) all provide very generous fellowships to returned Peace Corps volunteers.  Harvard (Boston) and John Hopkins (Baltimore) have probably the best Masters of Public Health programs in the country.  All these programs are on the East Coast.

Do I want to be $70K in debt for a distant dream?  Would it be better to go to Africa, work with dedicated individuals, with a common purpose of protecting health and saving lives? Ultimately, gaining work experience in a field underlying public health.

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