How to boil water without a stove?

Archery is incredibly fun.  I have learned to move my left elbow out of the way and listen to the swishing of the arrow flying past my ear on the release.  We are shooting targets now, rather than the big bale.  I didn’t do so well in this round, because two of my arrows are far away from the others.  If you have good form, all the arrows should be in the same cluster, indicating you have shot the same way each time.  10 points if you get in the yellow circle, one point less for each circle outwards.

I started looking at rental properties, certain that if I lived closer to school or a grocery store, I would find managing life a little easier.  As I have been searching, I realize two things I cannot live without:  washer/dryer in the unit and bike storage.  I refuse to have a bike in my bedroom.  However, a full kitchen is negotiable.  Many in-law apartments do not have a kitchen or a minimal one without a stove.  I don’t use the oven, so that is ok.  I mostly boil water for tea and instant oatmeal.  I love steel cut oats but they take too long to cook.  I haven’t used the toaster oven in over a year and I’m kind of scared of the microwave.  Meals should not be completed in one minute.

At the grocery store, my basket is filled with pre made salads, nuts and fruit.  This is my entire diet.  On occasion I will eat a meal that requires boiling water and putting something in it, like dumplings.  This meal only requires a single burner.  I’m checking out an apartment tomorrow, approximately the same rent as what I am paying, but without a stove.

Below are two interesting articles on living in an apartment without a stove:




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