Not all who wander are lost

I have now thought about the Peace Corps for 24 hours.  Completing two years of service, makes me a stronger applicant.

1. depart in January for Africa, return in two years, then apply to a Peace Corps fellowship program (i.e. Yale) for a dual degree program in Nursing/Public Health.  Sounds like a better arrangement then yesterday’s plan.  However, I like the idea, despite the setback of $70+K in tuition debt, going to SFSU, obtaining a BSN/MSN and RN before seeking a more advanced degree.  I could also go to the Peace Corps after getting an RN, being more useful than a community health educator, then return for a NP/MPH degree.

This is me, truly, thinking out loud.

Side note, in class today, we talked about hypotonic, hypertonic, isotonic and osmotic pressure.

When you hike, or exercise a lot, and drink lots of water…you are filling your body with excess water, causing an imbalance in the equilibrium of sodium and other nutrients in your cells.  Your cells respond to the excess water by swelling, causing your hands to turn fat, an indicator you drank too much water.

The opposite can be true too, drinking too little water, dehydrating your cells, causes them to shrink, requiring IV fluids, salty foods, to regain equilibrium in your cells.

For foodies – hypertonic refers to “hyper” – more, “tonic” – tension.  The environment of the cell has a higher solute concentration than the cytoplasm, forcing water molecules to diffuse out of the cell, creating higher osmotic pressure.  This is why we use salt/sugar as preservatives on food to inhibit microbes.  (i.e. salted ham).  Or one of my favorites, cucumbers are placed in hypotonic solution, shrink, and turn into pickles.  Isn’t this interesting?  I love school learning used in a practical application.  Yay, microbiology and physiology.


  1. Sometimes the options themselves can be overwhelming. You’re thinking things through, and sooner or later, the one true fit will show itself. I love that you’re following the path you are. It’s been fun watching your progress.


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