if…then… 5 year plan

My pants don’t fit.  I hate that feeling.  I have probably been biking 100+ miles a week to and from school, work, etc.  The 1-2 hours daily has added bulk, specifically muscle to my thighs and now my pants don’t fit.  I’m just going to start wearing exercise or yoga pants everywhere.  I suppose some people may appreciate this problem, but it’s just an added disaster to my already seemingly complicated life.

I ran into Chris yesterday from Micro class.  I told him our professor suggested I speak with him as someone I might want to study with.  I didn’t ask him directly but he didn’t seem to want to continue this conversation so either he’s socially awkward or didn’t understand my question.  Moving on, after class, I spoke with Jack and said the same thing, with the added question, would you like to study together?  He said sure, and I followed up with a date/time.  The two girls I studied with last week and the girl I sit next to in lab also walked by and said, are you guys creating a study group?  I said, no, I am interested in studying with Jack.  She said, well, if you guys are studying together will you let me know.  I said, no, last week, I studied with some people and it didn’t work out.  Everyone has different learning styles.  I hate to be the mean girl, but I am.  I am staying in this micro class and have to make the best of it, because the other section was full.

Thanks everyone for the outpour of support with my mini meltdown yesterday.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments.  Some asked why I’m in a rush or feel like I have no time.  My end goal is to be a Physicians Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner, mostly because of the autonomy.  You practice more, see more, experience more.  My deadline, started when I completed Anatomy in December.  I have 5 years from completing the prerequisites to apply to a PA or NP program.  From 2015 – I must apply by fall 2020 for these programs.  Otherwise, I have to retake Anatomy, Physiology and Statistics.

If I apply this fall 2016, for entry in January 2017 for a 2 year accelerated program, finish by 2019, start working, I will have accumulated 3000 working hours to apply to a PA program by fall 2020.

Then, if I am interested in a specific PA program, let’s say UCDavis, I have to take Chem 40 this summer, as the pre-req for Chem 101 in the fall… for a pre-req to their PA program to apply in 2020, which would be within the 5 year time frame.  I hate having to do long range planning for my life.  There are so many variables beyond my control – what school will accept me and how many applications I need to work towards.  I’m not sure if I am interested in applying to Davis but if I do, I need to do the pre-req’s this summer for 5 years from now.



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