Microbes in your mouth

This is not a photo of the bacteria in my mouth.  It is a microscopic slide of the bacteria in the lining of my lab partner’s cheek.  The bacteria in her slide was more visible than mine.  In lab today, I examined the bacteria in the lining of my mouth, a swab of my cell phone, (which is surprisingly clean without any foreign friends) and the bottom of my backpack.  The backpack contained the most microbes.  I now want to leave it by the door with the shoes.

Other school news, public service announcement: we were sent an email from campus safety to download an app to track us via GPS for emergencies, learn how to use the new door locks in the event of an active shooter and the worst was a video on what to do with an active shooter.  Safety used to be what to do in an earthquake, fire, and bomb threat.  If you’ve never seen a video on an active shooter, this video makes you feel horrified and want to cry at the same time.


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