Plan B

In class, we usually ask each other, why are you taking this class?  What do you hope to become?  The person behind me said a PA.  Curious, I asked, “why are you taking this class?”  He said, “I take the same classes as nursing prerequisites, except I need 1000 clinical hours.”  Interested further, I spent half the day researching programs for a Physician’s Assistant.

After some initial research, I am inclined to think a Physician Assistant might be better suited for me, rather than a Nurse Practitioner.

Each PA program has a different set of pre-req’s… Foothill College and Stanford’s joint program have the same pre-req’s as most nursing programs, but an additional 3000 clinic hours, which equates to one year and half full time of work/volunteer before you can apply.  Although terrifying, I am warming up to this idea.  Direct patient care experience can be beneficial before deciding if this is the career path for you.  I can’t say with any confidence, I really know what a nurse does, or if I am on the right track.  Direct patience exposure, working with under-served, low income communities, full time, might help me decide.

Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant – What’s the Difference?

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